Lisle Jewelry

Lisle Jewelry

For Competitive Prices on High Quality Jewelry Near Lisle Call 630-852-0003 and Talk to the Experts at AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange

Gemstones from Around the Globe
Diamonds and gemstones developed in laboratory environments are becoming increasingly popular. We carry a wide array of lab-grown diamonds and gemstones available for purchase or custom jewelry.

Top Quality Metals
We’re able to cast in 10k, 14k or 18k gold (white, yellow, green and rose), as well as silver and platinum. We use only metals from trusted sources and vet them for purity and quality.

Beautiful Diamonds Available Now

The Gemological Institute of America is a nonprofit organization that establishes that standards for determining the quality of diamonds. If you buy a GIA diamond through AAA Jewelry, you’ll get a certified report assuring its value and quality.

We Offer The following types of jewelry

Diamond Engagement Rings
Wedding Rings
Custom Jewelry Designs
Citizen Watches
Gemstone and Pendant Necklaces
Tennis Bracelets
We Buy Gold and Silver

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