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Jewelry Lisle IL

Jewelry Lisle IL

In honor of the beautiful diamonds available at our specialized store serving Jewelry Lisle IL, we present some fun facts about this remarkable gem:

– Diamonds are made from only one element: carbon. Found deep underneath the planet’s surface, incredible pressure and heat combines to form carbon atoms in a very unique way. The result is the lovely stone known as diamonds.

– Diamonds are the hardest material present in nature. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond!

– Gathered and valued for millennia, diamond research shows they were being traded as far back as the fourth century BC in India. Some early societies thought that carrying diamonds into battle supplied strength and courage.

– Source countries for diamonds have changed during the course of history. During the 1400s, India was a major source for diamonds, selling them in vibrant European trade markets. But by the 1700s India’s diamond supplies declined, which allowed the South American nation of Brazil to become one of the world’s biggest diamond suppliers for a time until the late 1800s. It was then a deep diamond reserve was unearthed in South Africa. Today, diamonds are mined from several areas around the world.

– One of the earliest known uses of diamonds for an engagement ring took place in 1477, when the Archduke of Austria bestowed a woman named Mary – his bride-to-be – with a golden ring that featured an ‘M’ spelled out with diamonds.

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