Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Jewelry Designs in Downers Grove

We create every type of custom jewelry imaginable. From unique engagement rings, to pendants, to bracelets, and more: if you can imagine it, we can make it. Bring in a sketch or a picture of something you like, and we can work with you to make something that is uniquely yours. (If you can’t draw, no worries! We can work through the creative process with you.) With state-of-the-art custom jewelry design software and highly talented metalsmiths, you can be sure that we can create any design you have in mind.

Qualification & Production

Want to make a custom engagement ring?

For custom engagement ring designs, we start with your ideas. Once we have a general idea of the shape, material, and desired diamonds or gemstones, we start with choosing a band style and size. Then we help you select setting, stone specifications (diamond, etc. and color, clarity, cut, and carat), metal type, and final custom touches!

From there, we work closely with our digital artists to create CAD (computer-aided design) images of your ring, which we are able to edit and change based on feedback we receive from you. Once the images are approved, we then create a wax model of your ring for you to view. We can still go back and edit the design based on the wax if needed, but if the wax envisions your idea for the ring, we then use that very same wax to create a mold that is used to cast the ring in the metal of your choice! From there, we set the stones, complete custom engraving, clean and polish, and then finally deliver the final product to you.

Even if you only have a partial idea of the jewelry item you want to create, come in to our store in Downers Grove and talk with one of our very creative designers. Your ideas for that special piece of jewelry will come to life and capture the feelings you want to share with your loved ones!

created by our experienced staff at AAA Jewelry

For other custom jewelry designs created by our experienced staff at AAA Jewelry, the sky is the limit with your ideas. Have some old jewelry you want made into a piece that’s fresh and new? We can do that, too! We can also take pieces or stones from old jewelry, engagement rings or necklaces, and set them into different pieces, or we can even create new jewelry using ideas from existing inventory in our showroom.

EVERY custom design idea is an idea that we can work with!

Natural diamonds

Billions of years ago, at distances between 75 and 120 miles beneath the surface of our planet, heat temperatures of 2,000-3,000 degrees Fahrenheit combined with enormous pressure formed diamonds out of carbon.

Lab-Grown Stones From around the world

Gemstones and diamonds grown in lab environments are becoming more popular options, especially among modern consumers. We have a wide variety of lab-grown gemstones and diamonds available for jewelry or purchase.

purest state Metals

We can cast in 10k, 14k, and 18k gold (yellow, white, rose, and green), as well as platinum and silver. We only use metals obtained from trusted sources which we have vetted for quality and purity.

gIA-quality diamonds Available

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is an independent, nonprofit organization that sets the standard for determining diamond quality. If you purchase a GIA diamond through us, you receive a certified report of your diamond that assures its quality and value.

AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange Custom Jewelry Design

Looking for a custom engagement ring or an adjustment to existing jewelry? We can make it happen.