Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond Engagement Rings

AAA Jewelry and Diamond has a wide variety of diamond engagement rings, settings, bands, and stones to choose from. Because about half of our brides and grooms decide to personalize their engagement rings, we have unlimited options for custom diamond engagement ring designs and styles.

We welcome you to design your diamond engagement ring or wedding ring to your heart’s content. Be as creative as you want, and our talented goldsmiths will craft a piece you can be proud of.



AAA Jewelry: The Diamond Engagement Ring Experts

AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange prides itself in being the leading buyer and seller of quality diamonds in Downers Grove, Illinois. Our professionals are knowledgeable in these and many other diamond engagement ring facts that help them distinguish only the best.

Our fine selection of diamond engagement rings and exquisite collection of colored and colorless diamonds is unmatched in Downers Grove. Visit us today at our Downers Grove location, and let our diamond professionals choose the ideal piece for you and your loved one.

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Why Choose Us

AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange understands the unique features that make diamonds such a precious commodity. That is why we can sell and buy only the highest quality diamond engagement rings Downers Grove has to offer.

Did you know that:

  • Billions of years ago, at distances between 75 and 120 miles beneath the surface of our planet, heat temperatures of 2,000-3,000 degrees Fahrenheit combined with enormous pressure formed diamonds out of carbon?
  • Mined in various parts around the world –predominantly in Africa, Asia and South America– only fewer than 20% of diamonds are true gem quality, adding to their allure?
  • Colorless diamonds are gems at their purest state?
  • Of the colored diamonds, yellow and brown are the most common, while red and blue are the rarest?
  • America produces less than 12%, yet buys more than 40% of the world’s gem-quality diamonds, making it the world’s largest diamond market?

What Client’s Say

I went to 3 other jewelers before coming here. Let me start by saying my first visit was in Dec 2010. AAA Jewelry and Diamond Exchange made an engagement ring for my fiance which I gave to her before Christmas last year, she LOVES it!
Peter B.
AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange worked with my future hubby to design my beautiful engagement ring a few years ago and we couldn’t be happier!! They went out of their way to make the process fun, exciting and stress free. The quality, service, craftsmanship and price are beyond compare!!
I would HIGHLY recommend AAA Jewelry!!! They are fabulous, extremely knowledgeable about settings, different cuts, colors, etc and very patient. My boyfriend purchased my setting from them, and I receive a ton of compliments on it. It is so shiny and beautiful.