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An alloy, white gold is manufactured by adding metals like silver, nickel or palladium to pure gold. Also, white gold often has a rhodium plating in order to attain its luminescence. However, the rhodium coating eventually tends to wear off and requires replacement every few years to keep its brilliant, distinctive white color.

Reading the Markings on White Gold

Similar to yellow gold, karats are the unit of measurement for white gold. Typical markings, for example, are 9K, 14K and 18K. You can find the quality stamp inside the ring band. 18K white gold is a mixture of 25 percent white metal (such as nickel or palladium) and 75 percent pure gold. 9K white gold is a mix of 3 parts gold to 5 parts silver or other type of alloy metal.

Even though white gold does not have the same durability as platinum, it still offers significant benefits for Engagement Rings Wheaton IL including:

-Affordability. Naturally, budget is a top consideration when it comes to choosing Engagement Rings Wheaton IL. The affordability of white gold helps enable couples to direct more of their funds toward high-quality diamonds, other types of gemstones or a more elaborate style of ring instead of the base metal which forms the actual band. A white gold, attractive wedding band may in some cases cost as little as 25 percent of the cost of a platinum ring or other type of metal. Couples, however, should take note of the need to periodically refinish the ring when assessing cost.

-Durability. Lighter than platinum, white gold is also more durable and stronger than most yellow or pure gold. And because it is resistant to scratching, white gold Engagement Rings Wheaton IL can maintain their flawless appeal even after strenuous manual tasks or activities.

Appearance. For a lot of jewelry and owners of Engagement Rings Wheaton IL, white gold offers greater versatility that a metal like yellow gold. For instance, you can wear white gold with just about any other jewelry item without the risk of a fashion mistake. Its simple elegance can be a flawless matches with any type of outfit. Additionally, white gold serves to highlight the brilliance and appeal of diamonds very effectively.

A Look at the Diamond Shapes and Their Meaning

Many couples researching Engagement Rings Wheaton IL may be unaware of the symbolic meaning behind many of the most popular diamond cuts.

Here’s a quick rundown of what some of the more common shapes mean.*

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Symbolism and Engagement Rings

Ultimately, Engagement Rings Wheaton IL are simply a circle of metal. The circle has long been a part of symbolic, sacred geometry. Circles have no start and no ending. Consequently, they represent an eternal bond and renewal. In addition, the circle symbolizes the sun, the moon and the planets, which bring together all forms life similar to who Engagement Rings Wheaton IL are a union of two people.

During the Second World War, when a lot of young men had to leave their fiancées behind, double ring wedding ceremonies became more common in the USA – where the bride and groom both receive a wedding ring. In earlier traditions, often only the bride received a ring.

A lot of couples select Engagement Rings Wheaton IL that symbolize their own personal relationship. For example, a Celtic engagement ring may be symbolic with ethnic and family traditions, while an antique ring might be a family heirloom that carries on longstanding ideals. A designer engagement ring may feature specific elements that spell out dates or words and unique ring settings can be utilized to incorporate the couple’s particular tastes for symbolism.

Whatever the personalized aspects of the design might be, there is no doubt that the symbolism of an engagement ring can factor significantly into a couple’s selection. Regardless of whether they opt for a conventional diamond solitaire in order to honor their preferences, an heirloom ring as a way of including family or a totally new ring with personalized elements, the important concept is that the ring represents the love and commitment they’ll share in the future.

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Planning to take your engagement on your honeymoon? Here are a few tips for safe packing and transport:

If you decide to bring your engagement ring along with your on your honeymoon, you’ll want to do more than just slip it upon your finger prior to departure. To ensure Engagement Rings Wheaton IL remain secure, you’ll need to ensure that there will be no confusion regarding its value and origin.

The Right Documentation

Before you leave for your honeymoon, remember to pack the appropriate paperwork in order to certify ownership of your ring. Items of a certain expense can be subject to customs allowances and import taxes. Taking along proof that you bought the ring before the trip is an effective safeguard against any misunderstandings. Documentation to bring includes:

-Photocopies of the sales receipts. (Or the original receipt.)

-Official certifications, authentic documents.

-An appraisal of the jewelry.

-If applicable, insurance coverage details.

Storage of Engagement Rings Wheaton IL

Besides packing the relevant paperwork, it’s also important to take along the items necessary to store your ring such as a soft bag or original box. In addition, remember to bring along a quality jewelry cleaner, especially because you might be unable to clearly communicate the ring’s particular characteristics essential to cleaning if you’ll be traveling outside the country. If the engagement ring might be left in your hotel room during your trip, confirm there will be an in-room safe or some other way to secure the jewelry against risk of theft.

*Source: Diamond Cutters International.