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Serving the Chicagoland suburbs, AAA Jewelry has motivated Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County ready to offer cash right on-the-spot for unwanted or broken scrap gold, rare coins, jewelry and diamonds. We will exchange your unwanted gold items in addition to silver, bracelets, platinum jewelry, necklaces and more for immediate cash payout. Bring us your scrap and precious metal items of any quality and condition – our Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County will purchase them with the best payment offer in the area!

At AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange, we are here to purchase all varieties of precious metals like gold, silver and platinum along with some gold-filled or gold-plated items too.

As Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County, our staff is trained to develop a streamlined process that is the most convenient for our valued customers. If you are not certain whether a particular item is truly a precious metal – have no worries. Our staff can perform accurate testing that will provide you with the most fair price for your items.

Tips on How to Determine an Item’s Value – Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County

Check your items for “hallmarks” – also known as standard or assay markings. They are basically distinguishing identifiers imprinted upon gold, platinum or silver items usually to denote purity. Hallmarks can also identify things like where the item was manufactured, where and when the metal was tested and its designer. You can often locate hallmarks in a number of different spots on jewelry items. Frequent locations, for example, are the inside of a ring or on the tag found near the clasp on a necklace. If you are planning to sell coins, the hallmark can usually be found on the front. Often, a magnifying glass will be required to locate hallmarks on scrap gold items.

Besides checking for hallmarks, using a magnet is another practical method of testing. A standard magnet on your fridge will likely not be quite strong enough, so we suggest a stronger one that you would locate easily at a local hardware store.

Simply hold the magnet near your item. Gold is NOT magnetic, so if the magnet “pulls” the item it indicates that it does not contain gold, platinum or silver. If the clasp on a necklace or bracelet chain shows to be magnetic but the chain itself is not then it might be authentic. In any event, it is recommended that the item should be tested by professional Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County jewelers because nonmagnetic metals are sometimes used in costume jewelry items.

We Purchase All Purities – Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County

Gold jewelry pieces are typically solid in an alloy form that equals 24 parts. It is helpful to learn how much gold your jewelry contains. A way to identify the purity of a jewelry piece is to look for identifying symbols like hallmarks, which may use the karat system to note the gold content. As we stated above, the purest form of gold is 24 karat. If you have a 14 karat item that indicates that it is 14 parts gold and 10 parts of other metals for a total of 24 parts. Other common gold percentages are 75 percent and 50 percent.

AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange buys all the different colors of gold. The most common colors of the precious metal are white, yellow and rose. Yellow gold, for instance, receives its color from mixing 24 karats with other metals like zinc or copper. These alloys also add extra strength to the jewelry. Copper blended with 24 karat gold is utilized to create the rose-colored gold. To create white gold, metals like palladium or silver are part of the mix. White gold is frequently plated with rhodium – a part of the platinum metal group – to provide more of a silver-white color.

The term “scrap gold” may not sound very appealing, but this distinctive metal asset can be rather valuable in the appropriate circumstances. To truly obtain value from your scrap gold, it is very helpful to have an understanding of how it is measured by Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County, its purity and the factors that have an influence on the market for it.

“Scrap gold” is an industry term referring to any amount of gold that is not of value any longer in its present form. For instance, broken pieces of jewelry. Scrap gold is frequently submitted to a refinery where it can be melted down and then recycled for manufacture into something else. Basically, any amount of gold that is to be repurposed can be viewed as scrap gold.

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A lot of buyers who take in gold items from their customers – in the form of bracelets, rings or pendants for example – are probably not that interested in the item’s resale value. Rather, they are interested in the gold the items contain. It is likely that our example bracelet or pendant would eventually wind up in a refinery facility on its way to becoming a different type of jewelry.

Selling older or broken jewelry items for scrap to Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County is a reliable method of earning some additional cash when bills come due or if you’d like to treat your household to something extra. With that in mind, it is suggested that sellers be wary of disreputable “cash for gold” locations or pawnshops that might frequently offer lower payouts to take advantage of those who may simply not know better. At our store – located at 1205 Ogden Avenue in Downers Grove – we are Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County offering fair compensation. It’s why we’ve been in the industry for more than 30 years!

The Worth of Gold and the Karat System – Gold Buyers Near Me DuPage County

Gold prices are generally updated each day and its value fluctuates according to current economic factors. As most people are aware, economic conditions frequently shift up and down when it comes to the pricing of commodities. Gold, naturally, is among those commodities and it may carry a different value at varying times on the marketplace. The actual value of scrap gold is decided by the application of precise measurements. Frequently, gold will be measured in troy ounces – with one troy ounce equal to just over 30 grams. Remember that in appraisal of your scrap gold items, troy ounces are different than the standard ounce.

Purity of gold also has a critical role when it comes to the value of scrap gold. It is helpful to understand that the majority of products with gold are not manufactured from pure gold. In a lot of cases, there will be additional elements that are used in the making of gold items – like copper or silver – that are added with the gold to provide it some durability. The long-established karat system is the common practice for showing the purity of gold. Pure gold is 24 karat, while 18 karat would be 75 percent and so on.

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