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There’s not really a firm rule that dictates the budget to set when it comes to selecting Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL. But prior to choosing a ring, simply decide upon on a budget that you’re comfortable with to help ensure you’ll find one that’s ideal for you. You’ve probably heard of the old saying that an engagement ring typically should cost three months of your pay. However, this is not necessarily accurate. A budget for Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL depends upon the preferences of your significant other as well as your own tastes.

The experienced, knowledgeable staff at AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange can help you choose from our selection of Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL and other variety of gemstones that offer a balance of quality with size at a price that’s agreeable to your budget.

Our full-service jewelry store carries a broad selection of settings for Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL. We’ll help you assess the various options available by considering your partner’s personality, style preferences and lifestyle.

Ring styles may often vary from a solitaire ring or halo engagement ring to one that’s a custom design. That’s why it’s useful that you get some guidance in finding a setting that’s ideal for your partner. Without a doubt, choosing a style of Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL just might be the most challenging part of purchasing a ring. For starters, take into account the types of clothes and accessories that your partner wears. This can offer some useful clues as to if they’d like Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL that’s traditional, contemporary, glamorous or a combination of these styles. Be sure to be listen for any tips your partner may offer.

Naturally, diamonds remain the classic selection when it comes to Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL.

Gaining an understanding of the “four C’s” – (cut, color, carat and clarity) will help to identify a diamond that will fit your budget and other preferences.

To select a diamond that’s right for you and your partner, we typically advise choosing the shape of the gem and then determining a balance between quality and size. In some cases, picking a smaller diamond will result in greater quality, while choosing a diamond of a lower cut grade with some color can enable you to obtain a higher carat weight that’s still in your budget. Since they tend to be more affordable than mined diamonds of relatively similar carat weight and shape, choosing a laboratory-created diamond is also a good way of optimizing your center diamond in your budget.

Since the personal jewelry you select such as Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL is such an important choice, it deserves your attention and consistent care to help protect and preserve it for many years to come. Ask our experienced staff for tips on how you to care for Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL to ensure yours remains in optimal condition.

In addition to a wide selection of beautiful Engagement Rings Oak Brook IL, we also buy gold! Check out these fast facts about gold:

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Here’s some interesting facts about diamonds:

As far back as the year 300 B.C., diamonds were being utilized for engraving gemstones.

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