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Are you planning to ask that special someone to take the next step? AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange has a large selection of beautiful Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL in a range of styles from traditional to the very latest. Our diamond experts can even create a custom ring for you!

A Few Tips on Taking Care of Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL and Other Jewelry

Your personal jewelry deserves your care and attention. Routine care is essential for protecting and preserving your jewelry so it will look its best and you can enjoy it for many years to come.

-Gold. Rhodium plating gives eighteen carat white gold its bright finish. But due to exposure to commonly used chemicals and daily wear, the plating will gradually wear away over time, exposing the natural, yellowish tone of metal beneath it. People will often continue wearing white gold jewelry for some time after the plating wears away, although you do have the option of scheduling a professionally re-plating of your jewelry to restore its bright white coloring.

-Silver. Sterling silver might dull or tarnish after consistent exposure to high humidity. If possible, store your silver items in an air-tight, secure container. To eliminate tarnish so your silver retains its brightness, rub the items gently with a cleaning cloth specifically for silver jewelry. Next, rinse off the silver in room-temperature water and then dry carefully. If the tarnish is extensive, use a liquid cleaner or bring the items to AAA Jewelry & Diamond Exchange for professional cleaning by our staff. Note that bleach or chlorine can actually accelerate tarnish and should not be used.

-Platinum. Due to daily use, platinum jewelry items tend to be more prone to minor scratches than other types of metals. Many owners of platinum jewelry enjoy the appeal of the metal’s specific luster. However, to achieve a polish that is more distinctive and reflective, professional re-polishing is recommended.

-Emeralds. These gemstones call for special, consistent care. Emerald jewelry requires gentle wear and handling. We typically suggest that you take off your emerald Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL if you’ll be using soap for tasks such as showering or doing dishes. Avoid cleaning the ring in any type of steam or ultrasonic cleaners, acetone, jewelry cleaner or soaps.

In addition, do not wear your emerald jewelry next to your other rings or if you’re doing any activities that involve gripping rigid objects, applying pressure on your hands or where you might bump the ring up against other hard objects. For example, activities such as weight lifting, biking, rock climbing or cooking. When it comes to cleaning your emerald, only use lukewarm running water and gently scrub with a soft-bristle toothbrush and a mild type of hand soap.

Brush along the gem’s underside to remove grease and dirt. When you’re done, use a clean cotton cloth to dry the ring. By giving it proper maintenance your emerald will hold its natural appeal for a long time.

Wearing Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL and Other Jewelry

Protect your valuable jewelry from damaging impacts on hardened surfaces during manual tasks or athletic endeavors. At the right angles and with sufficient force, even a diamond can sustain a scratch or chip. Also, keep your Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL and other jewelry away from household chemicals like bleach and avoid contact against rough surfaces. Avoid exposing your jewelry to very high or low temperatures, cosmetics and perfumes that risk causing damage.

Do not wear your rings if handling items with a lot of force, such as weights or the handlebars on a bike because the pressure could bend or even break metal rings. Likewise, while wearing your jewelry, avoid putting too much pressure on your hands.

A Few Basics about Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL

Selecting an engagement ring with a design you prefer entails finding one that fits your lifestyle, budget and blends seamlessly with your wedding band. Start by evaluating the engagement ring’s setting and stone in addition to the metals and band type used. Gaining an understanding of fundamental engagement ring designs will make it easier for you to find that ideal ring.

Whether you design a ring from separate gems and settings or purchase a pre-set ring, there are some important factors to take into account. Each of these fundamental aspects influence the overall design of Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL

Precious Metals

As you’re shopping around for Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL, you’ll notice that many are made with various precious metals. Certainly, each of the metals presents their own specific advantages with respect to price, beauty and durability.

Also, particular metals evoke their own styles. Naturally, a lot of brides-to-be like the precious metal of their engagement ring to be a good match with the other jewelry items they may wear regularly. The type of metal you select is a an essential element in your ring’s design. A few popular options include:

-White gold. Typically lower-priced than platinum, for instance, but featuring a comparable tone, white gold is available in a range of karat ratings. Because of its malleability, it is usually recommended to select white gold with a lower karat rating for an elaborate setting.

-Yellow gold. This option provides a warm, traditional choice for the setting of Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL. Again, due to its malleable quality, a lower karat rating is optimal for designs that will require structure.

-Platinum. Among the most durable choices when it comes to metals, platinum is an excellent choice for an elaborate setting and to ensure the secure placement of the gems.

-Titanium. Contemporary and affordable, titanium makes a good choice for brides-to-be. It is very secure due to its inflexibility. However, it is difficult to resize titanium.

-Sterling silver. Another traditional choice for beautiful Engagement Rings Downers Grove IL. An ideal material for practically any setting.